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I am an illustrator and aspiring graphic designer. And I love drawing cartoons and animals. Sometimes at the same time!

Making friends and helping others brings me much happiness. And if I can bring a smile to your face, I'm doing my job.

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Help fellow artists create a tie in comic for a video game!


Vacuuming My Duck.





tl;dr - Redditor whining about being friendzoned gets politely told.

This needs to be reblogged until every immature little asshat on the planet gets the message.

I just randomly found this on google this morning. I think it’s heroic. 

ROFL ants. XD


These are actually pretty cool! :D

While I wasn’t really worried about their designs from the silhouettes, I never expected them to look so close to their game designs!

Obviously, the one that deviates the most is Knuckles, but I’m okay with that. He finally looks like “the strong guy.” Not to mention it makes the group look more interesting.

And I’m really digging Sonic’s spines and Amy’s new outfit. :)

I actually wouldn’t mind in the least if these became the standard designs for the games. (that’s right, I said it!)


Women Don’t Read Comics

yup. :)


Saviour Of The World - Ben Cantelon (Thankyou Music) [ 2010 ]

From the album “Everything in Colour” by Ben Cantelon

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Honey Cloud Pancakes: Egg whites & honey, whipped up & baked w/ fruit for a healthier (& tastier) “pancake”

Click here for full directions!

looks tasty