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I am an illustrator and aspiring graphic designer. And I love drawing cartoons and animals. Sometimes at the same time!

Making friends and helping others brings me much happiness. And if I can bring a smile to your face, I'm doing my job.

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I love these two. ^_^

Pretty much how I am with my guy friends. XD




Happy Batman Day! There may only be one “caped crusader”, but did you know there are about 1300 different kinds of bats worldwide? They may not be fighting crime, but they sure are busy making the world a better place by pollinating our crops and taking care of pesky insects.  
Bats live almost everywhere on Earth, except for the most extreme desert and polar regions. So chances are, there are bats where you live. Let’s meet a few of these superheroes of the nocturnal animal world in the Pacific Region.
Photo 1 - Marianas fruit bat: lives in Guam’s limestone forests and can have a wingspan of up to 3.5 feet! These gentle giants are important for pollinating and dispersing seeds of popular tropical fruits like coconut, papaya, and figs. Photo credit: Julia Boland/USFWS
Photo 2 - Townsend’s big-eared bat: Aptly named, their ears are over an inch long. That may seem small to you, but that’s a quarter of their entire body length! Can you imagine having ears almost a foot and a half long? Photo credit: Ann Froschauer/USFWS
Photo 3 - Pallid bats: Awesome listeners that use those big ears to detect the footsteps of their prey on the ground. Swooping in silently from above, these larger bats often eat scorpions and centipedes,crickets, grasshoppers and beetles.Photo credit: Ann Froschauer/USFWS
Photo 4: Spotted bats: Have the largest ears of any North American species, and those pearly pink ears and black and white spotted fur give it a very distinctive look. This bat also has one of the only echolocation calls that humans can hear. Photo credit: Paul Cryan
Photo 5: Hawaiian hoary bats: are the only land mammal native to the Hawaiian islands. The  ‘ope‘ape‘ as it’s called in Hawaii arrived on the islands some 10,000 years ago. That was quite a migration from North America, over 2,400 miles across the ocean! Photo credit: Paul Bonaccorso
Batty for bats? Check out these great resources: 
Bat Conservation International (bats worldwide)
Western Bat Working Group (bats in western North America)

Love this Happy Batman Day post from our friends at USFWS!  And if these bats make you want more, check out our My Public Lands posts tagged “bats”!


So much flying cuteness!


Finally I finished the artwork for the dutch furry convention and I had a little time to make this. You see two new artworks that aren’t published (yet) on any sites besides for ‘Fe’Ather’ on Patreon. 

I’m willing to give a commission raffle away once a month if I get the amount that’s needed, I want to put more time in my comics for publishing and the site is softly lifting from the ground so soon with your help and funding you’ll be the first people to READ this comic. Everything will be free, you’ll be able to read:

'Laguna's Past' 

'The Heart of a Star' 

'Nightmare in Shimmeria' - Co-Artist Kaniko (need to pay her by page) and Silvia

What you also get is a place in the comics, as a background character - now it’s easy to cancel if you are not happy with our works. I’m not working alone and I’m doing the best I can… 

There will be NSFW streams and livestreams (the moment I got my laptop back which should be SOON)

My health is top priority and I can work if I’m able, just not on this small laptop for the moment, it’s overheating while my other laptop is in repairing, … *sighs*

If you don’t feel like a monthly contribution, please help me on ‘Go Fund Me’ 

I need a lot of money to pay off my bills for my health, if you can spare a buck, please, if you are willing to share this, you have my deepest gratitude. 

Love ya all. 


Slumber Party! by ~Emezie

This is beyond adorable! I love Mouse’s sleeping pose ha ha!

But I’m not touching second from the left…. XD


Natural hair is beautiful, too. by ~Emezie






always reblog because best crossover in history 

This. Always.

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20 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Day 10 ▶ Favorite Spirit Creature: Totoro