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I am an illustrator and aspiring graphic designer. And I love drawing cartoons and animals. Sometimes at the same time!

Making friends and helping others brings me much happiness. And if I can bring a smile to your face, I'm doing my job.

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I did something like this today for my workout. Tough, but feels great!

I feel so proud of myself! Managed to do Tabata Interval Training

Just had to alter some of the exercises for my knees, but it was still an intense 20 minutes! I feel so energized! Now I’m passed my knee pain praise God!

I’m down to 191 lbs and I know I’m going to make wonderful progress~

Pray for me! Thanks for all the support!

I have finally reached my mini goal of losing 5 lbs during the winter break!


chest, 40 in
abdomen, 37 in
hips,  43 in

weight: 195.8 lbs

I started at 200 lbs in December (I was stuck for a few months). I was trying to eat less overall while working out. I was wrong (and my fiance will rub this in). I had toincreasemy calories. The only thing that I decreased (and have been trying since before Christmas) were the sweets. I had a huge weakness for them. But I just gradually let them go and just eat a few over the weekend. I eat a lot more whole food now.

I’m ready for this semester and I since I have a later first class on Tuesday and Thursday. So I plan to go in to the gym to workout before class (work load allowing). If not, I got to work out when I get back home and on the weekend. Thank God I have Fridays off, too.

I know I can do this and look great for my cosplays this summer! I am going to prove people wrong. I ain’t gonna be 'Big Momma' no more! Somebody’s gonna eat their words!

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*I bet Fluttershy is wondering why she has hands, BTW… Ha!

I did okay yesterday. I could of done better, but something is better than nothing. Today, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded. I hope it will pass and I’ll be able to work out later today.

School is back on for Monday. That commute will help me burn more calories- yay! More walking. :)

I enjoyed this little mini break from school to just relax my mind and get some exercise done. I’m also going to enjoy “falling back” with daylight savings, it will feel like more sleep- woo hoo!

Time to eat cleaner and train meaner. Get fit for summer and life!

I tried a work out from their Nov/Dec 2010 issue- “Home for the Holidays”. Trying to develop a routine again for working out. This was HARD! I only had to modify 2 exercises: a type of tricep extension and push ups. I’m still unable to do a regular pushup; I have to do a “women’s” version of it. At least with the tricep exercise, I can do it fully the next time. I’ll keep working until I can do regular push ups too.

I am tired! It hurts even to type- haha! But its worth it. With these workouts, I will get into the habit of working out at least 5-6 days a week. Check it out!

  • Monday:Back, biceps
  • Tuesday:Chest, triceps
  • Wednesday:Cardio
  • Thursday:Shoulders, abs
  • Friday:Legs
  • Saturday:Cardio
  • Sunday:Off

I would be working out 20-30 mins a day, so max benefits with not spending a crud load of time. Awesome!

Pray for me guys!

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine from school persuaded me to join to help me out with my weight loss goals. It has been giving me an easier way to track my food and exercise. I like it a lot!

So if anyone of you is on loseit, or want to start one, just message me your profile name on so I can add you.

Picked up "The Best Life Diet" by Bob Greene from my local library about a month or so ago. After watching an old episode of Oprah on OWN (channel surfing lol!), I decided to give it a try.  

It has 3 phases; each of them 4 weeks minimum. Phase 1 wasn’t a big deal. All it was was move around more and stop eating 2 hours before bed. I did 99% well enough. Somedays I would come home late from class preventing me from keeping that proper eating deadline… That 2 hour commute! As far as exercise, I just started taking the stairs and walking to the train station when my backpack wasn’t crazy heavy. Went from 203 lbs to now 200 lbs; about a pound a week. Healthy, safe weight loss.

Right now I’m in Phase 2. So keep on the principles of Phase 1, but adding a bit more. Or rather taking away. At this stage you take out soda, foods with trans fats (hydrogenated oils), fried foods, white bread/regular pasta, high fat dairy products (ex. whipped cream, ice cream…). And using a hunger scale to tell how hungry you really are. Well, I already have stopped eating some of this stuff before starting (white bread/pasta and soda). And I don’t really eat fried food often. And being lactose intolerant, high fat dairy is not my friend… Hunger scale is useful, because I tend to not eat enough and get dizzy. So, I’m able to eat more and learn what being satisfied feels like. I’ve had some white pasta, but its because its was the only thing I could eat. I can’t control what someone cooks when I’m over their house.  It’s rude to nitpick and complain. Just eat a smaller portion- haha! 

In this phase, you also need to increase your activity again. So, I’m working out at the gym more. Thank God for the nice quiet retirement community gym my fiance and I go to. His parents live in a nice community and he can bring guests to the gym/pool. My mother is also very motivated and I will be working out with her, too. We’re hoping to join our local Planet Fitness for the winter- or sooner. 

I read about Phase 3 and it seems easy as well, but I’m not into his allowing of no calorie sweeteners. 1. They give me migraines. 2. THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU!  And some saturated fat is good for you- if its from the right sources. I also never eat high fat meats; mom never buys them. But I also don’t like his gripe against full fat dairy, it is good for you in small amounts. And I don’t eat soy mock meats- they don’t agree with me. I could go on, but no. This is just my opinion- not a law. 

What I like about this book is because it makes you think why you want to lose weight. And how to tackle the emotional hurdles. It helped me find focus and structure to what I already had. And I’m curious about the recipes. 

So, I’ll update you guys on my progress with this structure. :)

Pray for me! 

If I started a weight loss blog separate from this one, would any of you follow?


chest, 40 in
abdomen, 37 in
hips,  40 in

weight: 197.4 lbs

Lost an inch from my hips, gained an inch on my abs, lost 2 lbs. Progress is finally going after a bad slump. All that walking around at ConnectiCon definitely helped!